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iOS Device SVG Templates is a new project for displaying iOS screenshots in themeable iOS devices.

Displaying screenshots of your application or responsive design in an iPhone just got easier! These SVG templates are incredibly easy to use on any website and only requires adding one object tag into your HTML per screenshot.

<object type="image/svg+xml"

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c is available in both portrait and landscape. Each image also includes the following color themes:

  • iphone-5c-green (default)
  • iphone-5c-blue
  • iphone-5c-yellow
  • iphone-5c-red
  • iphone-5c-white

Themes can be added by use of the theme variable in the data attribute.

<object type="image/svg+xml"
<object type="image/svg+xml"

iOS Device SVG Templates at GitHub