February 2016

Bucket List 2016

Recently I’ve been finding myself focusing more on the technical aspect of my life in terms of goals. This year I’ to change that and divert some focus onto real life tasks. The below list is going to be a live representation of how well that endeavor is progressing.

November 2015


For as long as I can remember I haven’t had to worry about my weight. And to some degree, I still don’t. I can eat (or not eat) as much as I want. This has led to a very unhealthy lifestyle. As a programmer my life is inherently unhealthy; late hours staring into a computer screen, horrible posture, and of course sitting in a chair all hours of the day. Something had to give.

October 2015

Testing with Internet Explorer on the Mac

Every couple of months I find myself digging around for answers to questions about setting up virtual machines on the Mac for testing in Internet Explorer. And of course every time I think to myself, “This would make a fantastic blog post.” This is that blog post.

August 2014

Introducing doxdox

Managing documentation can be a tedious task, especially if you want to keep it usable and easy to read. While working on Facade.js I built a Python script for converting JSON files exported from dox, a JSDoc parser for JavaScript, into formatted HTML. Today I re-released that library in the form of a Node.js package complete with dox included.

July 2014

Node.js Starter Kit

Lately I’ve been finding myself setting up what seems to be the same Node.js application over and over again. In an effort to mitigate some of the initial setup of these sometimes one-off projects I’ve released a very simple to use starter kit.

July 2014


In an effort not to focus too much energy in one technology I decided to build a game, albeit a simple one, in something other than canvas. I built a web based, mobile friendly version of the classic game Concentration using HTML, JavaScript and CSS3.

July 2014

From Zero To Open Source

I used to be well known amongst my peers as the developer who built 80% of something and then gave up or lost interest. “Name one thing you have ever finished” is something that I would often hear in jest.

June 2014

Introducing Facade.js

Over two years ago I set out to build a game with HTML5 canvas and other emerging technologies like the GamePad API, localStorage and ApplicationCache. What I built instead was a JavaScript library for drawing shapes, text and images in HTML5 canvas.

February 2014


While building a responsive site recently I experimented with capturing device specific screenshots using Grunt and webkit2png. To make things easy to manage in Grunt I placed all my commands into a simple bash script that accepted one parameter for the website URL.

February 2014


Recently I have been spending almost all of my time building in HTML Canvas and have often wondered how easy it would be capture each frame of a canvas animation and convert it into a video. This open source project is an experiment into doing just that. Check it out on GitHub at https://github.com/neogeek/CanvasToVideo.

February 2014

Hosting Static Websites on Amazon S3

This article is a quick rundown on how to host a static website using Amazon S3 and your domain registrar.

January 2014

iOS Device SVG Templates

iOS Device SVG Templates is a new project for displaying iOS screenshots in themeable iOS devices.

January 2014


Above is the monkey I drew in SVG for the Purple Monkey Game Jam. Check it out if you are in the Boston area and love building games!

January 2014

The Impossible Triangle

I don’t consider myself the artistic type. I’d like to be, but my mind works in a more programatic way. The anxiety of making a mistake while drawing with pen and paper or the difficulty of using the pen tool to draw exactly what I see in my mind is often too great for me to create.

January 2014

Animating Within Canvas Using jQuery

If you are like me and completely enamored with HTML 5’s canvas tag you have at one point or another setup animations for entities drawn in canvas.

January 2014

PHP & ImageMagick

While the built-in PHP library GD is usually sufficient for modifying and/or creating images, it is always a good idea to cultivate multiple alternatives. ImageMagick is a command-line based utility which provides a multitude of functionalities from resizing to converting file formats. While not normally installed on most servers, it is easy to set up providing you have SSH access. The server specific instructions for setting up ImageMagick should be readily available through your hosting provider’s control panel. This article will go over how to install ImageMagick locally (Mac instructions only) and basic PHP usage.

January 2014


Upon installation, MAMP already has a great deal of additional packages available to you. Besides the obvious Apache, PHP and MySQL components, MAMP also comes with Freetype, curl and gd pre-installed. The default MAMP installation can also be extended to include other components. PEAR is a distribution system for PHP libraries such as HTTP_OAuth, an implementation of the OAuth 1.0a spec.

December 2013

Minimalistic Sublime Text Setup

Recently I made the switch from Textmate to Sublime Text. Detailed below is my custom setup of Sublime Text 3.